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Since you’re here it must be time for you to sell your existing home and upgrade, buy your first home, or perhaps you need a discreet short sale specialist to help you get a fresh start. As real estate agents and specialists in the Portland market including surrounding areas including but not limited to Gresham, Oregon City, Happy Valley on the east side and Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Tigard on the west side. We work hard for our clients and we’re proud to be Realtors in Oregon Realty Company’s 65 year legacy of excellence in service. Our wide range of successfully closed transactions as Portland short sale specialists across the entire metro area Hillsboro to Gresham has earned us the sought-after Top Producing Realtors Award at our firm and we’re ready to earn your business today.

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Listing To Sell

Your time is valuable and so is our Realtor services. Pricing at market value is crucial to giving your family a smooth transition into your new home. After all, nothing is worse than losing out on the perfect new home because the old house wasn’t priced right. When we work with you to arrive at a list price we go beyond the basics like “3/2 ranch in Gresham”, “4 bed 3 bath in Beaverton” or even “Close-in, Old-Portland Home, inner Southeast” and really examine the property, the condition, and the neighborhood. Offering a fair price for your listing means that buyers will compete and at times offer more than list price. Call us when you’re ready to have seasoned Realtors help you sell your existing Portland real estate and acquire your dream home.

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As Realtors & specialists in the Portland metro area real estate market we’ve made helping clients and offering realistic expectations a priority. We work for you and as such we want to help you get the best price for your home but we also want to be up front and fair with you in terms of laying out what comparable properties in the neighborhood or suburb (Beaverton/Hillsboro, Oregon City, or out to the east side in Gresham) are selling for and how this can help you make solid decisions for your family’s future. Other Realtors may be tempted to over-estimate a selling price in order to “get the deal” but we think this practice only leads to increased confusion and lost time. We respect our clients’ intelligence and we won’t promise more than we can deliver just to get a signature. When you’re ready to have an easy, straight-forward real estate experience where you’re in the driver’s seat call the Lockwood Realtors.

Trading Up, Simultaneous Sale & Purchase

Our extensive background in helping existing home owners sell their Portland real estate and trade up or relocate within the Portland metro area involves a Realtor’s finesse, shrewdness combined with a delicate balance that has become a hallmark of our real estate specialist services. As specialists in all of the Metro area we can help you sell your property in Gresham while assisting in a smooth purchase on your new home in Beaverton. Another buyer may want to sell their property in Hillsboro because they want a change of scene to a close-in inner se Portland home or something fun in Multnomah Village. Getting you a fair price for your existing home while negotiating on your upgrade so you have a smooth transition to the next phase of your life requires a team dedicated to your needs, with the professionalism and organization to make it happen. Coordinating your purchase, choosing between short sale, foreclosure, and private party are also important aspects. Doing our best as Portland Realtors to ensure that your sale closes in time for funds to be available for your new down payment and orchestrating a smooth moving experience are just a few of the reasons why clients past and present recommend us so highly. Stressed about selling/purchase? Call us to have a dedicated specialist team of Realtors to alleviate concerns through proven solutions.

Newsflash: Money Isn’t Everything

Yes, your bottom line is important but there’s many factors needed for a successful real estate deal. We sell homes in Gresham, Oregon all the way to Hillsboro and the new developments in Beaverton. Our team is also experienced in Tigard and on south to Oregon City. Many Realtors mistakenly think a deal is all about the selling/buying price. However, introspection reveals that time and energy are also vital to happiness. Time with loved-ones, time to pursue one’s dreams, hobbies or goals, and even time to just relax and enjoy a relaxing beverage after a day’s work or play are often defining moments in life. It’s also worth noting that some in some areas you’ll still be competing against Portland short sale listings. For those in demanding careers, busy family or social schedules, keeping a healthy amount of free time is crucial to psychological integration. If you work in Beaverton but live in Gresham or vice versa we have effective, tested solutions for you. It’s no surprise that in real estate time is often more important than just money (whether buyers/sellers know it or not). We’re residential specialists and we’re here to help you make things work for your lifestyle. Factors like getting settled in the new home before important family events or the start of the school year can mean the difference for a happy family.

Those comfortable in their current situation are sometimes willing to trade months of searching real estate sites or buying a short sale for savings (just beware of being penny-wise & pound-foolish). However, short sale specialist Realtors point out that If you need to move now short sale listings may not be your best bet. For others, a current living situation is costing them money in terms of lifestyle, longer commutes etc. For some clients, selling at a slightly lower price is cost-effective by saving time/money or eliminating a frustrating commute which pays immediate dividends in terms of saved money and reduced stress. Imagine, in a matter of weeks you could cut your commute time in half, saving wear and tear on your car, helping the environment while at the same time giving you hours more leisurely time every week. Whether your property is in Beaverton, Lake Oswego or even Gresham, your bottom line is very important in Portland real estate and buying and selling right are critical to your family’s financial future. However, seizing the day and pursuing the lifestyle that’s right for you and your family are also part of the American Dream. Whatever your real estate goals, we’re Portland Realtors & short sale specialists serving Gresham, Happy Valley and Clackamas on the East side and Tigard, Lake Oswego, and Beaverton/Hillsboro on the west side. We’re here to help.

Buying A Home

Buying a home (especially your first home) is a very important milestone and having a team of Realtors on your side is vital. When you hire us for your Portland real estate purchase we are compensated out of the listing agent’s commission. Simply put, having a dedicated team of Portland Realtors on your side costs you nothing while protecting your bottom line. If you’re interested in short sale you’ll be happy to know that we’re certified SFR resource specialists. Our convenient office locations throughout Portland, Beaverton and Happy Valley/Clackamas and Gresham means we’re always close by. Call us and tell us about what you’re looking for in a home and we’ll make it happen.

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Having Your Own Buyer Agent Doesn’t Cost You

As buyer agents we get paid a portion of the listing Realtor’s commission when we get you the house. If you went straight to the listing agent you would lose the chance at having your own agent and the listing agent would simply get the full commission (Portland Realtors call this “double-siding”). With this in mind, you have every reason to have us as your buyer agent and no reason not to. Real estate is constantly evolving and it’s unlikely that a friend or your reading online can make up for the hundreds (if not thousands) of offers that we’ve seen as professional Portland Realtors who are full-time real estate brokers and short sale specialists. We’re residential property specialists and having us on your side gives you professional, experienced advocates that have your best interests in mind. The sellers have their own Realtor team of real estate professionals look out for their bottom line. We’ve made helping people in all corners of the metro area; whether you want a comfortable home out in Gresham or a place near your high-tech job out in Hillsboro or Beaverton we can help. Isn’t it time you had a team of Portland Realtors working for you?

Real Estate Laws Change With Time & Vary State to State

As Portland Realtors, we’re not attorneys and don’t give legal counsel, it’s certainly true that residential real estate transactions throughout the metro area are certainly within the realm of our expertise. As Portland short sale specialists we’re in touch with today’s market and all the surrounding areas, whether you’re interested in Beaverton or Hillsboro on the west side or Gresham or Happy Valley on the east side. If you’ve bought or sold property in other states that experience can definitely help you but be aware that having our team of locally experienced Realtors who know short sales & foreclosures helping you still gives you a competitive edge. Even locally we see different types of transactions in Gresham than we see out in Beaverton. And there are even nuances that separate Beaverton from its nearby neighbor of Hillsboro. As agents experienced in Portland and each of these surrounding areas we’re well-qualified to help you get what you want. Also, each area has its own unique Not only this, but we’re Realtors who meet and exceed all continuing education requirements, staying well ahead of the crowd when it comes to short sales the latest Oregon real estate forms, procedures and proper conduct.

Want to Buy, But Have To Sell First?

Simultaneous selling/purchase of residential real estate can seem daunting at first but this is something that we’ve helped many buyers achieve. Timing is everything, and getting your existing home on the market is critical to success. Whether your selling in Gresham and want to buy in Hillsboro or want to sell in Oregon City to buy in Lake Oswego we’re here to help you. Realtors know good deals won’t last and nothing is worse than finding the perfect house at a great price and not being able to buy it because we haven’t even put your property on the market yet. Time constraints may preclude short sale purchases though. There’s quite a bit more involved in this process but the sooner we meet and discuss your unique needs in this situation, the faster we can work together for constructive, creative solutions that accomplish your Portland real estate goals.

Need to short sale?

Our team is SFR (Short Sale Foreclosure Resource) Certified by the National Association of Realtors. Not only this, but we have Portland real estate experience that only comes from a multitude of successful transactions in Oregon from Sandy to Lake Oswego and Beaverton. As a team of well-rounded Portland short sale specialists, we work with all major banks and are well-versed in a wide range of special short sale programs including HAFA (Home Affordability Foreclosure Alternative) as well as offerings from HUD (Dept. of Housing & Urban Development). We’ve completed short sales in Beaverton and out to Gresham and everywhere in between and we can help you. A real estate short sale is a constructive way for many people’s budgets to make sense again.

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Portland Short Sale Specialist:

Being a team of Realtors, specialists & real estate brokers who help people all across the Portland metro area with short sales is both challenging and rewarding. Challenging in that we’re able to use our Realtors experience gained through helping hundreds of clients complete short sales and we have to constantly apply this first-hand knowledge to each new situation. Being a Portland short sale specialist is rewarding because not only do we work hard for our clients, but we also have a chance to make a real positive impact in our clients’ lives. Eliminating bad real estate debt and giving our clients a fresh start financially and also relieving stress from family households is very rewarding. As Realtors, we love getting people a great deal on a purchase, but nothing compares to shaking hands and seeing our short sale clients breathe a sigh of relief when they’ve reclaimed their financial freedom. When reasoning with your bank fails, call us to learn how our team of Portland short sale real estate specialists can help you.

Being a Short Sale Specialist is More Than SFR

We’re proud to be SFR (Short Sale Foreclosure Resource) Certified but our first-hand knowledge is where we truly distinguish ourselves from the competition. And, while it’s important to mention that we do have the proper credentials it’s also crucial to point out that we are one of the top short sale specialist Realtor teams in Portland, Oregon. We use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients avoid common mistakes so we get the job done right. We can help you short sale your property, whether it’s in Hillsboro or you live in Gresham or Oregon City we’ll make it happen. When we meet to discuss your short sale we’ll be able to offer constructive advice gleaned from our helping a multitude of clients break free from bad mortgages. Now is not the time to be a lesser-experienced agent’s guinea-pig. Your situation is important and you need a Portland short sale specialist Realtor team with our proven, effective results.

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